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Brig Boonswang

Brig Boonswang graduated from Columbia with a BA in Mathematics.  He began his tutoring career in New York City in the late 90s when expert test prep was just gaining in popularity.  In 2007 Brig moved the business to Eastern Pennsylvania to fill a gap among boarding school students who sought the type of expert test prep available in Manhattan. 

As the business grew Brig received requests for tutoring far from his offices.  Online tutoring proved highly effective in reaching out-of-town students.  It soon became a preferred option even for local families looking for an easier way to seamlessly integrate test prep into their busy schedules. 


Brig's Clear and Concise Official Guide explanations, initially developed as a tool for his online students, are now available here and used by students throughout the country.  These one page visual explanations have become an important tool for mastering the "Blue Book" and are a perfect complement to courses, tutoring, or self study.

"I can not imagine another SAT expert like Brig.  Helping students achieve their highest potential score is truly his professional and personal mission.  Best of all, Andrew really enjoys the lessons and thinks Brig is just the coolest guy."  

Jessica T.

Chicago, Illinois 

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