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At Boonswang Tutoring you will get Customized SAT/ACT Tutoring, College Admissions Strategy, Clear & Concise Official Guide Explanations

An SAT Expert with 20+ Years Experience


Brig Boonswang is one of the few master tutors in the US to have devoted 20+ years to working full time in the tutoring and design of SAT/ACT prep materials. 

He is also the creator of Clear and Concise one page explanations to every Math question in the Official Guide.

Tired of watching video explanations?  Brig Boonswang's Clear and Concise explanations have helped thousands of students master the Official Guide. See and follow our SAT Math Explanations.

Why choose Boonswang

A Master Tutor

Brig Boonswang has devoted his entire career to the development of test prep materials, tutoring the SAT/ACT, and guiding families through the college admission process.

High Expectations

Boonswang students are highly motivated and willing to work hard in their pursuit of outstanding SAT/ACT scores; their parents invest significantly in their academic success.

Excellent Results

Boonswang students achieve the high scores necessary for ivy league admissions, athletic recruiting, merit scholarship, and highly competitive specialty programs at top universities.

"It's hard to improve on a 670 math score.  We tried self study, a course, and then a tutoring service. Finally a friend referred us to Brig Boonswang.  October scores came out son got an 800 in Math.  Amazing."

Steve F.

Allentown, Pennsylvania 

Clear and Concise Explanations to all Math Official Guide Questions in Tests 1 - 10

Brig Boonswang's one page explanations are now available online

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