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What is the Difference between SAT Tutoring In-Person vs Online?

A letter from Mr. Boonswang about online tutoring: 

Dear Parents,

When I first began SAT tutoring over 20 years ago the concept of online tutoring was just in its nascency.  Up until even 5 years ago I could say that most parents who came to my office for consultations with their sophomores/juniors believed that in-personal private tutoring was the ideal way to prepare advanced students for the SAT/ACT.  

Over the past few years I've noticed a distinct change in the way families organize their time and think about online services.  Parents of high school students are now very comfortable conducting meetings via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout, etc... They expect online tutoring to be an option and  I'm often asked which is preferable, tutoring online or in-person?

In-person tutoring has the obvious advantage of focusing the student on the lesson and tutor who is there with him or her.  Entering a different space is often beneficial when there are so many distractions in our children's lives.  On the other hand, however, driving to another place, waiting for your child, and driving home is not necessarily the most efficient way for the parent and student to spend their time.  The process is difficult to stick with, especially for busy families.  We know very well that consistency and practice are very important in the test prep process; devoting an entire weekday evening to SAT/ACT may not be practical or sustainable for every parent.

The benefit of online tutoring is the possibility it opens for (1) more frequent sessions of shorter duration, (2) access to the most qualified tutor, especially important for improving on an already high score, and (3) the most efficient use of time spent on test prep (no travel time).  I tell parents that each student and family schedule is different, and to think through their own situation carefully when deciding on in-person vs online tutoring.  Over time I have found that motivated students achieve exceptional scores whether I tutor them in my office or via Skype/Facetime.

Best of luck with your test prep and college admissions journey,

Brig Boonswang

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